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The All-In-One Freelance Booster Kit

A bundle of blueprints that contain everything from A-Z, items that you need in order to run your freelance business more efficiently, and convert more & bigger clients.

I know how hard it is to charge the true value for what you do when you don’t really meet the client face to face. I was there when I started too. But it is mostly because we don’t use a good process, from start to finish. The GrindKit contains everything necessary (and a guide) on how to utilize everything that is in there, it’s what I have been using for 8 years, and what I am using now.

All the source files are included within the bundle.

Fonts are included on the bundle.

What’s Inside:

Project Proposal Template

A 12-page proposal structured to win projects. Stop using proposals to “propose”. A proposal should convince.

Contract Template

There is no need for different contracts for different services. We created the ultimate contract for you.

Portfolio Validator

A blueprint on how to figure out if your portfolio is working as it should

Grind Design Process

A simple enough design process that pushes you to get the best out of yourself.

Social Media Guide + Worksheet

Find yourself, before you find your clients. A guide on how to use social media correctly and not get overwhelmed by it.

Organized Client Folder

An organized client folder with everything categorized. Stop spending time to find files. Be productive instead.

Creative Workshop Template

Too many revisions? Use our creative workshop template and know exactly what the client wants.

Then over-deliver.


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