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Brokee – A powerful & intuitive platform for busy restaurant managers


On a single web application there had to be 3 different privileges. The owner, the regional manager and the restaurant manager. The owner would need to manage regional managers, the regional managers would need to manage the restaurant managers and so fort.


  1. Make it fast and easy to use for everyone, everywhere.
  2. Give managers control over discounts & timeslots
  3. Un-clutter the data so that one manager sees his restaurant data only

By finding key actions of what each role would need, we created a dashboard that would allow the 3 types of users to perform their actions without a hassle. We designed the interface so that all each role sees what they have to see, and change what they have to change.

Strategic Design


To have an single platform that would allow 3 types of users to login, we had to come up with a plan on how to merge these three roles while keeping the same experience for all of these.

A restaurant manager would manage their restaurant their details and also manage their discount timeslots. The regional manager could see all the managers and their respecting restaurants.