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Dearbrightly – Growing a skin-care app’s customer retention with personalized user dashboard.


Dearbrightly was receiving a high volume of support tickets for returning customers looking to repeat orders on the company’s skin-care app. After discussing the difficulties Dearbrightly was having with existing users, we identified the user account area as the component of their app that could be most improved.


  1. Reduce support tickets
  2. Increase conversion rate of existing users by 2%
  3. Implement a consistent user experience
  4. Increase the return rate

By creating a consistent dashboard experience for customers that allowed them to easily take actions such as completing their skin profile, managing their subscription, and adding products to their order, I was able to increase conversion of new orders from existing customers and reduce support requests significantly.

Strategic Design


We found out that the most critial change that had to be done is to design a platform for the returning users so that they have all the information in one place and encourage them to complete their yearly skin profile, in order for the subscription to continue.

So based on our finding most of the users were confused about where to submit their skin profile, and there was no clear feedback when the skin profile has been done or needed further action.

So support tickets were increasing therefore causing Dearbrightly to allocate more resources to the support team.

Strategic Design


We created a small focus group of 5 in order to test out our solution and wireframes. That revealed the main actions the user would need to take and how fast would they could do it with our proposed layout.

With that in mind we ran a couple of feedback loops to make sure everything is ready to be designed and prototyped. The next challenge was to adapt to the new brand indentity and make the interaction with the user as simple as possible.