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Robova – Facilitating a design system to create a modern interface


To design the experience and the interface of the mobile application that stores more than 60,000 products for the users to purchase.  Robova is a luxury shopping platform that allows multiple luxury brands list and sell their products on the platform.


  1. User Inteface Design
  2. User Interaction
  3. A consistent experience through the app

By creating a scalable design system with core components, that can be used on the website, web platform and on the app, I was able to achieve a consisten look through all the digital touchpoints of the brand.  Based on our user research we defined what the look and feel of the app should be, so we built the core components with that in mind.

Defining The User


Our ideal user would be someone who is looking for luxury items and spends a lot of time. The whole brand look and feel is targeted to mainy females living in UAE within a demographic of 27-45 years old and an average yearly income of ~100,000.

People ignore design that ignores people.